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The Longbranch Inn bar dates back to 1934, when prohibition lifted in America. Mr. Scheiffer, a relative of the newsman, Bob Scheiffer, was the first manager at Pike’s Place, which was situated at the same location as the current bar, and Pike's sold Falstaff and Schlitz beers by the bottle.

In 1950, the bar changed owners and was re-named James Tavern. Then, in 1965, the Longbranch was born during the zenith of the TV series, Gunsmoke. Ben’s BBQ down the street was named the same in 1971. Congress passed a bill urging the TV show to continue and Gunsmoke ran another 10 years until 1975. Our landlords, Howard and Harold, still watch the show daily and have been next door at J and J Drug since 1969.

We took over in the summer of 2003, and the bar continues stronger than ever. The old quarter sawn oak bar dates to the 1890’s, and is a big draw at the Longbranch. We are the first to serve cocktails, and we believe we pour some of the best in town.

Live music is played occasionally, but we pride ourselves on being more into conversation...
Although we are still piecing together the entire history at this time, we have put together some background through personal interviews. The Scoot Inn, which began as a railroad saloon sometime around 1871, has been claimed to be one of the oldest running bars in Texas. East Austin was teeming with warehouses, railroad workers, and rich bankers living along East 1st, as well as a vibrant mix of Hispanics, African Americans and Anglos.

In 1940, Scoot Ivy and his buddy Red, opened Red’s Scoot Inn after a long succession of owners who operated even through the Depression and Prohibition. They catered to railroadmen and workers who needed a beer after a long journey or after a day's work at a nearby factory or warehouse. Scoot and Red were reportededly big drinkers, throwing back as many as seven cases daily. “They started early,” according to our buddy, Don, from East End Lumber Company. They owned the business until 1980, when they died in their late 70’s. Not bad for two old salties.

There were some dark years that we are trying to uncover after Scoot and Red's tenure, and the Scoot even caught fire during this period. It was rebuilt in the 90’s and in 1997, was run by our friend, Vera Sandaval. Vera and her mother, Red, kept a close eye on things and brought in a better crowd.

The Longbranch acquired the Scoot Inn in December 2006; the 2 bars are now collectively known at the EAST INNS. We have major renovation plans in place to bring back the old Inn feel of the interior and expand the bier garden with many locally brewed draft beers and some old national favorites. The Scoot Inn will feature more live music than the Longbranch...
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