Who we are and why we do this?

The internet has so much news; your head will spin trying to find it all. You could subscribe to multiple news sources, get e-mails every single day, and still not get caught up. And of course, the fact that you have so much stuff to sort through means you’re less and less likely to get it done.

We here at Scoot Inn are here for you. We scoop the internet for all the news that’s fit to know and provide them right here on our site. The news is waiting and ready for you to peruse at your leisure, no muss no fuss.

We also ensure that the news we scoop is only the story worth scooping. There’s a huge problem with fake and pointless news on the internet, and that makes it difficult to know whether or not the story is worthwhile. But here at Scoot Inn, we make sure the news we scoop is the best news for scooping.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stay up to date on current events, then we’re here for you. We scoop the internet for the best news, and provide it right here, on our website.